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Sonim XP 3400 Armor Ultra-Tough Cellular Phone by C Spire

Do you claim a couple of hands that experience an especially disagreeable occasion of butterfingers? Since the response is in the certifiable, then you could would like to investigate what C Spire has in store for people like you (and me, I’ve dropped my telephone a honest number of times, just to break the showcase of my HTC Desire S most unbelievably newly), in the frame of the Sonim XP 3400 Armor ultra-tough cellular telephone. Yes sir, this is an all-climate, all activity handset that can hang out in the toughest of domains, all the more when you begin to wither from every last trace of the hard work and high temperature, the Sonim XP 3400 Armor will keep chugging on as expected.

Separated from being one sturdy treat, this small puppy will likewise join the speed and reliability of versatile broadband to accord a profoundly reliable life saver for those who utilize their exchange in the harshest of domains, for example planters, being on an oil apparatus, development and utility laborers, law authorization, blaze insurance and different utility industry workers. Following accepting input from something greater than 500,000 users who perform troublesome occupations in some of the most drastically challenging conditions, Sonim builds have concocted the XP 3400 Armor, where it has been designed to outpace military-review particulars for sturdiness.

Actually how sturdy a nut is this to pop? It is totally clean-confirmation, is water submersible to 6.5 feet for up to a hour (!), and it has been tested to drop up to 6.5 feet of cement without enduring a split presentation, in light of a 1.5mm thick scratch and stun safe Corning Gorilla glass lens that ensures the shining, several-inch heightened-determination presentation. Separated from that, the grouping of the XP 3400 Armor additionally gloats of a combo of solidified elastic formed into a strengthened fiberglass packaging.

It is moreover affirmed in opposition to salt, haze, mugginess, transport stun, thermal stun and manages in temperatures running from-5° F to 130° F. No longer should your heart experience a stun whenever you drop the workplace supplied telephone – heck, dropping this into the porcelain throne is not an issue, you actually should accumulate the guts to pick it like a pro and evacuate it from every last trace of the dim water. Different equipment determinations incorporate a 2-megapixel zoom lens with extraneous spendid LED glimmer and movie recording, an omni-directional, clamor-dropping receiver, a microSD memory card space, a coordinated FM radio, a media player and extensively spaced keys. Look for it to retail for unequivocally $49.99 when a $50 compensate card and complying to a revamped several-year contract.

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